Yes, the maximum number of people in each group is two.
Each person can only apply in the name of one team and cross-team application is not allowed.
Yes, you can team up with your teacher or a designer that has entered the workforce except Franz Collection Inc., employees under Franz Award, judges of the 2016 competition and family members of the people above mentioned.
If you cannot complete the online application or solve problems you encounter during the application, you can fill in the inquiry form under "Contact Us" page of the site and we will help you as soon as possible.
Candidates are advised to consider the following to correctly decide which group to register for.
Question 1 Are there any ceramic products with similar functions on the market currently?
No→ Concept Design Group
Yes→ Please refer to Question 2
Question 2 Can it be mass-produced?
No→ Concept Design Group
Yes→ Porcelain Design Group
No, it does not. Whether you are a designer or a student, all entries will be graded together.
Considering that the total number of works from young designers around the world may exceed a thousand, we will not announce the grade of each piece of entry. However, the jury will offer constructive criticisms or feedback based on the entries after the preliminaries and then we'll update these suggestions on the official site.
There is no restriction. Enrollment may be made in the name of an individual or of a team. The maximum number of members in each team is two. There is no limit on the maximum number of groups one can join.
Yes, you can. Also, there is no limitation on the maximum number of artworks one can submit. The same design work, however, should not be submitted to two groups.
There is no restriction. You can enroll in the competition as long as you are interested in design, porcelain works or the arts, no matter if you are a student, a teacher, a designer or an artist. The entry shall not be accepted, however, if it involves employees of the Franz Collection, Inc. the Franz Award, members of the 2016 panel of judges, or the family members of the above individuals.
According to Article 3 of the "Transportation of Works" in the notes regarding the competition, the works that entered in the finals can be taken back by the participant himself/herself after the competition.
According to Item 5 of Section "Others" under "Other Important Issues" of the rules of the Competition, Franz Collection Inc. reserves the priority right for signing contracts on the finalist entries and the right of final decision on all relevant matters. The copyright of the artwork shall be owned by the contestant. Franz Collection, Inc. will discuss with the winner of the golden medal on the issue of mass production, after evaluating the quality of the artwork.
According to Article 5 of "Other matters" in the notes regarding the competition, "Franz Collection Inc. shall have the signing priority and the right to make the final decision on the relevant issues. " The copyright of the prizewinning entry still belongs to the participant and Franz will discuss the mass production with the gold awardee.
According to Article 1 of the "Transportation of works" in the notes regarding the competition, "if entries (finished design mailed to the finals) are lost or damaged, loss by theft or force majeure in transit, the organizer shall assume no liability for damage". Therefore, please be sure to pack your entry properly and coordinate fully with the responsible transport company!
To help preserve mother earth, FRANZ AWARD will adopt digital works for the preliminaries this year; so you do not need to mail the mounted works to the organizer and all you need to do is upload pictures of works and design proposals on the official site.
When you upload pictures of your works and the design proposal, a pop-up window will appear on the page indicating how long it will take to complete uploading your works. When the uploading is finished, the site will show the message "Uploading completed".
If you encounter any problem during uploading, please fill in the inquiry form under the "Contact Us" page of the site and we will help you as soon as possible. We also remind you that the web traffic will be jammed 2~3 days before the deadline of application, so please upload your entry as early as possible.
The deadline for uploading entries for the preliminaries is 5pm (GMT+08:00), Thu 15 July 2016.
The contestant should bring their work to and fro the venue by themselves.
Each team should have at least one member to attend the finals.
We will provide food and accommodation during the finals; flight tickets and visa fee are not included.
Yes, the contestant can adjust the work slightly, for example: size, quantity of work etc. Works that are not related to the original design will not be accepted and the adjustment will be taken into consideration
The reimbursement will be granted along with the cash awards after the finals and the contestant will be reimbursed for their actual expenses. Please be sure to keep all the receipts and make sure the item is clearly stated.