Retrospect, to return to innocence, to relive the past.
Beautiful moments were never truly gone.
They only adrift in the river of memories.
With “Retrospect” as the theme, designers are expected to recall the good times gone past and rejuvenate their original passion. They can “glaze” their dreams with devotion and passion by presenting the most beautiful moments of their lives in their porcelain designs. These moments are like paintings and will become treasures of life.


Constant, eternal, without end, countless moments of accumulation. "Book of Changes": "Heaven and Earth, long-lasting and not have" relatively immortal sun and the moon, people> Life may be just a glimpse, but the intentions of the creation, accumulation of life moments, as handed down to a fragment of eternity. A constant in the title, in order to clear your mind and look forward to the designer creation, accumulation every moment, since the artwork to the soil embryos, glazing to the kiln, firing from that moment on, the mind and the art will exist forever. Like classic, in the river of time, timeless. FRANZ AWARD entering its eighth year, the number eight, horizontal view it as eternal, ∞. We invite the world's top players boarded the exclusive ceramic arena, to capture the moment of inspiration, create by> Code of eternity. Ceramic filled with whimsy, with the exchange of cultural and creative design. We believe that good design rotating world, being born ......


The 2013 FRANZ AWARD has become a contest focused on by design circles worldwide. Based on the theme “Moment”, contestants have interpreted the magnificent touching hours of each moment, and the “Conceptual Design Group” was further added, to stimulate foresighted and influential design inspirations. A new page has been written in the history of the contest during this year, with the most number of registered works (over 700 pieces), most number of nationalities for the contestants (from 16 countries), as well as the most internationalized judge team (authorities from German, French, Japanese and cross-strait culture creative and ceramic fields)


The 2012 FRANZ AWARD continued toward the international stage to actively interact with the culture creative artists from various countries, enhancing global cultural communications. The contest theme for 2012 was “Sense”, hoping the contestants may set off from their senses to transform wonderful media as well as surrounding objects into artworks, where the spirit and mind are conveyed by the ceramics. The FRANZ AWARD attracted media reports from all fields with its unique characteristic of focus on design and culture creativity, and has demonstrated new highs with the capacity of publication.


To accelerate the pace of globalization, the Franz Award has extended its reaches to the world in 2011 and invited cultural, creative and design organizations from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macao to participate in this great event and broaden the award arena. The topic this year is [Horizon] and we hoped that all contestants can go across their fields, brainstorm new designs and combinations and generate creative sparks that transcend through geographic, cultural and ideological boundaries. As about 700 teams from more than 20 countries were attracted to this competition in 2011, this award has gathered designer elites from the world and attracted attention of more than 10 media in the Great China Area. The scale was unprecedentedly grand.


FRANZ AWARD 2010 was held by the Chinese National Academy of Arts, Taiwan Normal University and Asia-Pacific Cultural Creative Industry Association and undertaken by the Ceramics Research Centre of the Chinese National Academy of Arts and Franz Collection Inc.
The competition theme that year was "Interpretation" and the competition spirit was "Interpret Chinese porcelain art with heart"; we hoped participants could taste and feel everything carefully in life and interpret subtle happiness in everyday life with ceramic works. More than 400 designers and students from the design department took part in the 2010 Competition, which was reported in detail by major media (such as CCTV, SET and etc) in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


The competition was renamed as "Franz Culture Creativity Competition" in 2009, when the FRANZ AWARD was used for the first time. In addition, we have expanded the competition to the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the hope that it could become the most indicative process design competition in the Chinese world.
The competition theme that year was "Connection" and the competition spirit was "Back to basics. Light the future"; we hoped participants could look for inspiration from history and reinterpret classics from the angle of contemporary aesthetics. The number of entries for the FRANZ AWARD 2009 was the highest over the years and related activities attracted numerous media coverage in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


2008年的大賽主題為「夢 ‧ 起飛 」,我們期望設計新銳能大膽做夢,同時累積實踐夢想的能力,希望參賽者除了創意發想外,更要有執行創意的能力。此外,2008年大賽改變賽制,不再區分行銷組與設計組,一方面希望參賽隊伍能自行尋找夥伴,培養合作默契;另一方面,也希望參與大賽的設計師與設計科系學生,能夠認知到市場需求的重要性,成為有行銷概念的工藝設計師。


2007年,亞太文化創意產業協會與法藍瓷公司首度於台灣舉辦「法藍瓷設計行銷創意大賽」,年度主題為「破蛹而出」,並以「Design Your Life, Promote Your Style」為大賽精神。我們相信,創作與設計的過程如同蝴蝶破蛹而出的意象,當作品完成的剎那,正是創作最動人的時刻。2007年法藍瓷設計行銷創意大賽分為設計組與行銷組,並透過主辦單位的媒合聚會,替不同專長的參賽者找到合適的夥伴。2007年大賽共吸引台灣各大專院校共四百組隊伍參賽,為往後打下成功的基石。